Product returns are limited to 14 days from the date of purchase. All returned products are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Returned products must be in unopened, undamaged, original sealed containers. Call (877)-743-9732 for a return authorization before returning any unused, unopened containers.


Orders are often shipped the same day or the following day the order was received. This is not a guarantee of delivery or shipment. It is our standard process unless unforeseen difficulties cause a delay. We have no control over the shipping company's delivery process or time table. If your order contains more than 1 package, the shipping company may separate your order. You may receive one package on one day and the remainder of the order the following business day. To avoid disappointments, never schedule your installation until you have received all of your order and have read the installation instructions thoroughly.

Ordering Information

We do not accept foreign based credit cards as a method of payment (with the exception of Canada). There is no way for the USA to verify that this is a legitimate purchase. It is unfortunate that Visa/Master Card International does not have a better system to guarantee payment will be made to international sellers. International orders can be paid for by wire transfer.International Orders (including Canadian orders) cannot be placed online, they need to be placed by phone @ 574-784-9000.


Give us a call at (877)-743-9732