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Match Patch Pro FC

  • Match Patch Pro composition through its hybrid blend of resin, Portland cement and latex binders overcomes many of short-falls of the single binder products. There are no known equal or better architectural repair products.
  • Only architectural concrete floor repair material that utilizes performance characteristics of multiple concrete binders.
  • Exclusive in-field scientific color match system allowing easy, on site color matching of existing concrete slabs.

MatchPatchPro in San Diego

Dave Moore will be attending the Concrete Decor Show 2016 in San Diego, Ca. We will be doing onsite demonstrations throughout the show. Call 941-408-5999 or email: dave@matchpatchpro.com if you would like to meet with Dave.

Case Study: Manhattan Beach Library

The Los Angeles County engineers found a structural defect for the second floor after Library was 95% complete and Match Patch Pro was used to repair the floor after structural repairs were completed.

Case Study: Oregon State University

Match Patch Pro LLC was hired to perform on-site repairs to the concrete floor after heating pipes under the floor needed to be repaired.