Oregon State University

Johnson Hall
Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon
Square Footage: 60,000
Total Project Budget: $40,000,000
General Contractor: Hoffman Construction
Architect: SRG Partnership
General Contractor: Hoffman Construction

On the main floor at the time of slab placement, two heat pipes were accidentally cut through in the future Polished Concrete area. These would need to be repaired and consequently create two 12”x 18” holes in the slab. The architect and OSU expected the pristine concrete polish outcome that is specified. If Hoffman Construction could not provide a repair method that the owner would approve, the entire polished concrete slab area would have to be replaced. Estimates for the removal and replacement were assessed at $100,000.00. The replacement would also put the project severely behind the already tight schedule.

The General Contractor contacted and hired Match Patch Pro LLC to perform a repair on-site that the owner would approve. Under semi exterior conditions Match Patch Pro President Dave Moore installed a sample patch that met the approval of all parties concerned saving approximately $94,000.00 of the replacement cost.