Hydropolish Polished Concrete

Question: Does the addition of SCP Hydro Polish and MPP Dry grout make a significant difference for prevention of water and water-soluble stain intrusion into Polished Concrete surfaces?

Scientific Concrete Polishing and Match Patch Pro Dry Grout in comparison to just traditional densification and sealer.

Test method: Rilem type procedure

Test panel both sides is 3000 psi concrete polished to #800 sealed and burnished.

Densifier both sides: Scientific Polishing #2 Hardener

Sealer both sides: Scientific Polishing #3 Sealer

Right Side of test panel: added Match Patch Pro - Dry Grout and Scientific Polishing - Hydro Polish.

Average temperature: 52 degrees in 24 hours.

Test panel: Right side addition of MPP Grout and SCP HP, Left Only Hardener and sealer. Note that there is no apparent color difference between the two sides.

@30 minutes the left side showed .25 mil drop, right side zero drop.

@2 hours the left side showed .5 mil drop, the right side zero drop.

@24 hours the left side showed 2.5 mil drop, the right zero drop. There is now an apparent damp ring around the left side tube.


Concrete is a sponge so normal cleaning will easily drive the water and contaminates into the “only” densified and sealed polished concrete surface, staining it.

Scientific Concrete Polishing – Hydro Polish and Match Patch Pro – Grout make a very significant difference for preventing water- and water-soluble stains.