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Natural concrete flooring continues in popularity as the environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing choice in the world today. Concrete flooring is easy to maintain, has a pleasing appearance and is for the life of the dwelling.  

At placement, concrete is not the perfect product with many variables determining the perceived outcome. Imperfections as cracks, holes and spalls can plague even newly placed concrete slabs. Construction remodels on older buildings where the concrete slab will be utilized for flooring are guaranteed a fair amount of the imperfections.

Very few repair products can meet this standard. Even fewer can offer a matching repair that also meets this standard. Match Patch Pro meets and exceeds the set industry standard. Our dedicated goal, is to do our part to help improve and expand the architectural concrete floor industry, through the needed and user friendly matching repair systems we produce.

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Match Patch P.

Match Patch P.

The MPP Rapid Set Grout Powder is the best fast-cure, concrete pinhole and spall repair product I have ever used! This product bonds tenaciously at critical repair edges and it does not chip or break at the thinnest edges!!! MPP even accepts concrete dyes, making it perfect for repairing any polished concrete floor!! I highly recommend you check out Match Patch Pro products before your next concrete polishing repair job!!!

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